The advantage of being a medical founder


We’re currently doing customer development. One of our strategies has been to set up a Facebook group where patients can ask us questions. Our value proposition for the group is quite simple. “We are two UK-trained GPs. Please ask us your questions about high blood pressure and we will attempt to answer them as best we can. We regret that we cannot give specific medical advice. We want to know what it is that you want to know.”

And it works. We’ve got a group of people who ask us their questions about blood pressure, and we try our best to help them by giving them the best answers that we can. They’re under no obligation to us, but occasionally we’ll ask the group a question, and we’ve asked for UK based volunteers to talk to.

The great thing is that by giving value to people, you get value back in spades. The group is growing organically. But now we’ve got about a hundred real people who, by asking questions, are letting us know exactly what their problems with current healthcare systems are. It’s giving us better knowledge of where the current gaps in the market are.

We also can start to qualitatively test our solutions. We can suggest an action that someone may take, and then they give us feedback on whether it works. Obviously, we keep to the same standards of confidentiality that we would have if they were our patients.

As doctors, we have a lot of strengths. One of them is that for many people we can give value when we do customer development interviews. This makes it much easier to find people to talk to. And the specialty that’s generally accepted as being the best at communicating with patients? You’ve guessed it, GPs!

As ever, let us know what you think in the comments

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