A Health Tech Manifesto

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) has just published a ‘Tech manifesto’:


“So what?” you might ask… Well, GPs are the hub of the NHS and are responsible for a huge number of patient consultations per year (about 340 million, compare that with 23.9 million at A&E). Any NHS IT infrastructure therefore has to get it right in general practice to stand a chance of survival. Hence my interest in a manifesto on this topic from the college that represents GPs.

Although I’m pleased to see this manifesto, I’m worried about how the NHS may try to achieve these aims. I don’t think anyone would argue that fax machines are a good tool to use these days or that sluggish network speeds are anything but a hindrance. There is frustration that the basics aren’t right but the NHS has a poor track record of pushing through change. Continue reading “A Health Tech Manifesto”

Can scruffy be good?

scruffy dog

Here’s a heated debate we were having a few days ago:

“We need to get a presentation box so that we look slick when we are showing people our product.”

“I disagree, we actually want our presentation to be a bit scruffy.”

“You’re mad…”

… or something to that effect.

So, why on earth would anyone argue that we want anything less than a slick presentation when showing a prospective customer our product? Continue reading “Can scruffy be good?”

Which eCommerce platform should I use?


We recently wanted to test some product ideas. Until now, everything we’d built had been a service so this was a brave new world. We were going to try to sell stuff you could actually see!

One question we needed to answer was ‘how will we create our online shop front?’ We were aware there was a plethora of choice (such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy to mention just a few) in addition to the possibility of a more DIY approach using a simple website and a PayPal account. Continue reading “Which eCommerce platform should I use?”